Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to develop your own "Style Statement"

Ok Let's start:

This is the first step towards, developing your style statement:

Do you know that weather you are fat or slim, weather you have a dark complexion or fair, you may be short or tall. What all that you need is “STYLE”. Yes “Your own Style statement”. Now what is a style statement?

When I’m talking of style statement, I’m referring to “your” statement of style. There is no sense in talking about style as a general thing. Do you know what your style statement is? Most of us don’t know. What I feel is sometimes

1. it’s your Body Language

2. Sometimes it’s your way of dressing

3. Sometimes the way you speak

4. Your smile. All these things make an individual you.

Now all these things that I am talking about, sometimes, in one person everything is so perfectly done that we start imitating that person. Now, have we ever tried to observe how that person got all of them so perfect? There are several answers to it – by practice, by imitating others, by self learning, by observing, learning through home. What so ever was there way that is irrelevant to me.

I want you to have that kind of statement. Sorry not that kind but a statement of your own. Now what I want you all to do is: find out what part is best in you. we will be coming back again with Part @ over this lesson.

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