Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to develop "Style Statement" Part - 2

Ok, so far we have learned that anyone and everyone can develop style statement, it has nothing to do with your body type, your complexion, or weight.
But yes out the several types of things which come under style. We have to find out what is best in us. 

Now the question is how to find you that? Lets list down the ways:
1. Ask someone. This "Sonmeone" has to be your best critic, who has best judgement power, and can suggest only what is best for you.
2. You can read some books
3. Many a times there are people who will praise you, they could be your admirers, your lovers, they will compliment you about your smile, your looks, your dressing or may be something that is best reflected in you. Make note of that. This will help in understanding what is best in you. Keep on listing those compliments which are regularly repeated. Means there is a mass appeal for that feature in you. So now you have that one best thing in you. 
3.a. What we have to do is to keep on adding those compliments. To add those compliments we have to work constantly. be alert always, about what you are talking, how you are sitting, what you are wearing, how you are speaking. 
4. Last but not the least you can contact experts!!! While talking of experts, It could be us :) who can give you analysis that too for FREE!!!

So here is the Second lesson complete for: how to develop your own i.e."Individual style statement". 

Be with us... we are coming with more to your rescue.


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