Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to develop "Style Statement" Part - 2

Ok, so far we have learned that anyone and everyone can develop style statement, it has nothing to do with your body type, your complexion, or weight.
But yes out the several types of things which come under style. We have to find out what is best in us. 

Now the question is how to find you that? Lets list down the ways:
1. Ask someone. This "Sonmeone" has to be your best critic, who has best judgement power, and can suggest only what is best for you.
2. You can read some books
3. Many a times there are people who will praise you, they could be your admirers, your lovers, they will compliment you about your smile, your looks, your dressing or may be something that is best reflected in you. Make note of that. This will help in understanding what is best in you. Keep on listing those compliments which are regularly repeated. Means there is a mass appeal for that feature in you. So now you have that one best thing in you. 
3.a. What we have to do is to keep on adding those compliments. To add those compliments we have to work constantly. be alert always, about what you are talking, how you are sitting, what you are wearing, how you are speaking. 
4. Last but not the least you can contact experts!!! While talking of experts, It could be us :) who can give you analysis that too for FREE!!!

So here is the Second lesson complete for: how to develop your own i.e."Individual style statement". 

Be with us... we are coming with more to your rescue.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to develop your own "Style Statement"

Ok Let's start:

This is the first step towards, developing your style statement:

Do you know that weather you are fat or slim, weather you have a dark complexion or fair, you may be short or tall. What all that you need is “STYLE”. Yes “Your own Style statement”. Now what is a style statement?

When I’m talking of style statement, I’m referring to “your” statement of style. There is no sense in talking about style as a general thing. Do you know what your style statement is? Most of us don’t know. What I feel is sometimes

1. it’s your Body Language

2. Sometimes it’s your way of dressing

3. Sometimes the way you speak

4. Your smile. All these things make an individual you.

Now all these things that I am talking about, sometimes, in one person everything is so perfectly done that we start imitating that person. Now, have we ever tried to observe how that person got all of them so perfect? There are several answers to it – by practice, by imitating others, by self learning, by observing, learning through home. What so ever was there way that is irrelevant to me.

I want you to have that kind of statement. Sorry not that kind but a statement of your own. Now what I want you all to do is: find out what part is best in you. we will be coming back again with Part @ over this lesson.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More about me

Hi everyone,

Here I'm landing my third blog post. Ever since the day I have started knowing blogger,  I am in love with it. It has helped me in rediscovering more about me. I never knew that I can write. Though I have been writing ever since I was a child, but never shown it to anyone. Here on blogger I'm writing and the best part is people are loving the stuff that I create. It gives me that boost, to keep on writing more and more. I have already created and mind you "Successfully marketed my other two blogs already. They are:
1. Moving to foreign land:
2. Groom your inner self:

About "Online Style Consultants"

Since It's a new topic or rather its a new concept all together that I'm launching here over my third blog, with the help of Facebook page:

This concept is all about " A Better n A beautiful you".
1. Many a times we are in confusion what to wear for an occasion or for a party or an outing. You can ping us: Send in your pic we will advice you, FOR FREE!!!. don't worry we will keep your secret. 
2. You are confused about the mix and match with dress accessories and shoes, we are there to help you better.
3. You want to have a makeover done, we will help you advice some good tips.
4. Have a low self confidence and want to have a change in your personality, contact us.
5. Can't decide what to do with this old dress we are there

This is the sole aim to have a better you:

Now, As of now Its a small team at "Online Style Consultants". Where we will be providing you with the tips and tricks from Industry experts on regular basis.

However, I have recommend to get opinion from the general people out there, who have their secrets to share with us. We are willing to accept your secrets and share it across whole world. The reason to have normal people and not Industry experts is; we the general masses have the ways and means to get the best out of low budget. The wise opinion comes mostly from our moms!!! Right.

So here is a chance if you want to share your tips about what ever topic you want. We are looking for you.

Send in your interesting email at:

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So we have geared up.. Have you??? Come join hands with us.

We love to see that beauty, spark and Style in you...